Ten Together

ten together installation | 2018

The Ten-Together installation is intended to be a celebration of the community that has surrounded CREMA. I collected many stories and portraits to assemble a sample of some of the people who have frequented this café over the past ten years. After having a casual conversation to record each person’s story, I shot each portrait using my Hasselblad 500CM. I felt the camera’s waist-level viewfinder allowed me to interact with each person in a more slow and organic way, which ideally led to a genuine portrait. I chose to print the stories onto paper that is a similar size to party streamers to invoke more of the celebration aspect. This installation at first glance recognizes community as a whole, with a somewhat overwhelming number of portraits and stories that are too small to read. However, once the viewer takes steps closer, the installation can focus on each individual and each story as just as important as the other.

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